The Anglistanis


A regular student house in London. A regular bunch of students and ex-students. This is their home from home – only home is India!

Meet the Anglistanis, a bunch of “Desis” trying to make their way in the big city. Arpit; tall, handsome, studying… or is he? Sameer; funny, greedy, lazy – he’s here to study… what was that subject? Kalpana; she’s a model student… and a nag! Rehan; he’s a student of IT… and love! Jignesh; he’s a student of life… and trying to earn a crust. Arjun; he’s the master of the house… or is he?

The house is bursting at the seams and landlord-cum-father figure Kuldeep is trying to keep order. But when the beautiful Nisha, Arpit’s old flame from India, asks for a place to stay, their world is turned upside down with love triangles, gangsters and even cross dressing Mujra dancers!


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