Marianne has agreed to be host for the evening at her uptown apartment so her daughter Morgan can introduce her latest lover “Daddy-O”. She has also begrudgingly agreed to cook her signature dish, soufflé.

As they ready themselves in Marianne’s bedroom the two women bicker and jibe at each other about their disparate choice of lovers. Morgan prefers a classy gent, sartorially elegant with oodles of old-school chivalry and romantic charm. Marianne feels she has more than enough class of her own and prefers her men like they’re supposed to be; down and dirty, real men with real needs – like “Slugger”, her man of the moment.

The soufflé is in the oven, rising as the timer counts down. However, when Slugger turns up uninvited at the last minute, the evening takes on a surprising twist.
It’s soufflé time!


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