Cooke Varotal 20mm -100mm T3.1 EF and PL

Available in PL and EF mount

It was designed for 35mm cinema cameras but works a treat on our Red MX digital cameras, Red Epics (at 4K) as well as the Arri Alexa, Canon C300 and C500, Sony F3 as well as the upcoming Sony FS700. Basically any PL mount 35mm size sensor is suited for this lens. It covers the same range as you would get from a full set of primes but at a far more reasonable price. And you get the classic Cooke look.

Lens details:

Range of Focal Distance: 20mm – 100mm
Minimum Object Distance: 2′ 4″ (from focus plane)
T Stop: 3.1
F Stop: 2.8
Weight: 11 lbs/5kg (approx. w/o Matte Box)
Front Diameter: 144mm
Lens Mount: PL mount
Measurement Scale: Feet and Meters