Film production is an extremely costly business so even the simplest of mistakes can be breathtakingly expensive. That’s why industry professionals get all the lumps and bumps ironed out on paper before their movie project gets anywhere close to production. Whether you’re an experienced industry high-roller or a novice starting out on your first screen project, NKM Media are here to help.

Whether you have a basic concept or a polished screenplay with attached stars, our team can help you to develop your project to its full potential. With our in-house experts and industry connections from finance to script analysis we can help you make sense of your project in the real world marketplace. We offer many levels of service packages, tailored to suit your needs and budget and for some projects we may even get directly involved in production if that’s what you need.

"Ana is a consummate professional. ...reliable, hard working , enthusiastic and creative, offering up ideas on characterisation and meaning. An excellent team player. She always gives 100% to any production or project. She has never let me down."

Rosemary Hill, Play is the Thing Company

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“Mr Craine was script consultant on three of my projects and his contribution was sharp and accurate. He is experienced in his field, he has a passion for what he does and if something is bad he would tell you. His constructive criticism was valued and helpful."

Neilson Black - Writer/Director, “Paradis”

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"Knowing the NKM team is the best thing to happen to my career. Without them, my last two films wouldn't have been made or achieved the opportunity of a world premiere. They were professional, friendly, trustful and honest in every stage of production."

Bareun Jo - Writer/Director: “SURA: The Emperor’s Banquet (수라: 천황의 만찬)” Official selection Las Vegas Film Awards 2015

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“Rob has always been a great resource to both MannIN Shorts and the Isle of Man Film Festival and we would not hesitate in working with him again on script-related projects whether they be evaluation or development."

Zoe Guilford - Director, Isle of Man Film Festival

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“Ana is a fantastic voice artist with great enthusiasm and passion. Our client was very happy with her professional abilities. We would definitely recommend her for Spanish (Latin American) and English projects.”

Jade Robertson at Matinee Multilingual

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"Ike worked with me to develop my character, Marianne. With his help, Marianne developed into an intelligent, witty, sexy and believable woman with an amazing sense of fun; everything I was looking for in the character."

Maria Morgan - TV and Theatre Actress “A Handful of Songs” (Granada), “Evita” (Webber/Rice), “Les Miserables” (Schönberg/Kretzmer)

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Our experienced readers evaluate your screenplay, provide a general report, comment summary and overall viability of the project based on quality of story, derivation, audience trends and additional factors. Cost starts from £75 +VAT for a 90 page script and increases by £1 +VAT for each additional page.


Our full coverage service includes in depth premise and plot assessment, story structure analysis, character reports and more. The screenplay is also graded based on premise/concept, storyline, characters, dialogue and other factors which vary from genre to genre. Cost starts from £195 + VAT for a 90 pager, £1.75 + VAT per additional page. Includes proofing. Revisions are charged at 50% rate.

PROOFING or: getting it write!

If your a writer you will know that good films are completely dependant on story but theirs nothing worse then a grate storey that doesn’t even get red because of all the grammatical errors. Did you see what we did there? Of course you did; you’re a writer. How many errors did you spot though? There are seven of them and there more common then you think. There’s another right there which makes eight… or is it nine? And most of them flew straight past the spellchecker.

Successful film producers are extremely busy. Before a script even hit’s their desk it will most likely have to get past professional readers who often find themselves pulled out of the story by poor copy editing, sloppy grammar and clumsy language. A good screenplay engages the reader with fluid language that provides an easy read. So don’t scupper your chances with poor copy when we can provide you with a concise report. Our service takes account of the difference between US and UK spelling and deliberate misspellings in dialogue.

Cost starts from £85 +VAT for a grammar report and format check for a 90 page script and increases by £1.25 +VAT for each additional page. In depth language advisory reports are provided for an additional fee.

The final error count is 10 by the way, not including the pun in the title. If you spot more than that, please get in touch and we’ll hire you right away.


A more in depth service which includes complete coverage plus suggested fixes to any problems in your screenplay, such as elimination of plot holes, improvements to poor narrative and character arcs, plus suggestions for loglines and pitch paragraphs which can really help to sell your project.

This service is available for previous clients who have used our coverage service and the cost of the original service will be discounted from the fee. Fees vary based upon required workload.



So you just know that screenplay of yours would turn that big-shot producer’s head right around, but they’re always so busy they never have the time to read it. At least that’s the excuse they give you! So make it easy for them by providing a sound recording they can listen to anywhere, even while they’re travelling to that next studio meeting.

An audio version of your screenplay provides an invaluable tool and is the simplest and most effective way to get your story across without actually shooting the film. With professional actors bringing your characters to life it can even help you to envisage how your story will really play out on the screen.

The service is tailored to suit budgets with options ranging from just 2 actors switching characters to a full blown cast. You can really up the ante with premium options including sound effects and temporary score to truly create the feel of a big screen production, only with your eyes shut. Costs start from as low as £325 + VAT for a basic two actor recording session for a 90 page screenplay.


Audience feedback is vital to the film development journey. From arranging the cast and venue to inviting a targeted demographic audience, we can help you to set up a performance that will bring your creation to life. The session is completed with an audience questionnaire and can include a live feedback and Q&A session.

You can also arrange to video the table read for reference purposes or for an additional fee we can do that for you.

Please contact us with your screenplay and requirements for a quote.



Our budgeting and scheduling service is run by fully qualified Production Guild members with extensive production experience ranging from low budget films to major studio productions.

Credits include “Queen of the Desert”, “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation”, “Knights of the Round Table: King Arthur”, “Another Mother’s Son”, “6 Days” and more. Contact us for a quote.



So you’ve polished your screenplay into a shimmering model of pure genius and all you need now is cash, right?. If only life was that simple. The routes to production are many fold and complex. Pre-sales? Backstop deals? Negative pick-ups? Bonding? The jargon alone is enough to make you thump your keyboard in frustration.

Film finance is more often than not, inextricably linked with sales and distribution. The importance of making these deals is often a make or break scenario. Our experienced team can provide guidance and advice on the best way to pitch your project so that you stand the best chances of success.

This service is only available to previous clients who have used our Screenplay Coverage Service and received a “RECOMMEND”.


Our top level service is for previous clients who wish to engage us on a collaborative or partnership basis by mutual approval. Through consultation we will tailor a package to suit you. To be eligible you will have received a “RECOMMEND” in our Screenplay Coverage Service.

The services we offer can include:

  • Access to film funds, private equity, soft finance

  • Sales & distribution agents

  • Pitching your film

  • Prospectus creation (pitch doc, director/DoP profiles/statements, cast suggestions, etc.)

  • Direct introductions to key people

  • Attendance at meetings

Contact us for more information

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